Introducing Music Lessons Cape Town


Music Lessons Cape Town was founded in 2008.


We have now grown to provide dynamic home teachers for guitar, piano, violin and singing. We offer affordable rates of R340 per lesson - and this is for a lesson in the comfort of your own home. If you want to go to the teacher, we can offer lessons for only R300 per lesson.






What makes us unique ?



  Our tutors come to you - lessons in the comfort of your own home  
  Our prices are very fair - considering teachers are travelling to you  
  Our teachers are dynamic and patient  
  Teaching style is relaxed, focusing on enjoyment of music as a priority  
  Teaching is adaptive, all our teachers adjust their curriculum to accommodate the students own personal music choices  
  We focus solely on music tuition, for Guitar, Piano, Violin and Singing - so we do it best!  



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No matter which instrument you want to learn - the best way to learn is in the comfort of your own home. The reason so many people fail when they try learn a musical instrument is they do not have that someone to be accountable to and to guide them along the way. What makes music lessons cape town so unique is we enable you to receive lessons in the comfort of your own home once a week. The best way to compare how we work to another industry is to think of a personal trainer, that someone that you commit to, pay money to, etc - and then you get the results you are looking for. Music lessons cape town focuses on the western cape area, and we offer lessons in the comfort of your own home for piano, guitar, singing and violin. There are many music schools in cape town, but for most of them they are difficult to get to during certain times of the day due to traffic, plus in this day and age we value our time, and can you really afford to spend 30 minutes in traffic getting to the lesson and 30 minutes driving home. When you look at it this way to pay R340 per lesson for a 45 minute lesson and this includes travel costs - this is a great deal.

Do you have the interest in music but many people discourage you and laugh at you because of the pitch or sound you produce? Don’t lose heart. This the page that you have just visited is an indication of victory, you will soon overcome the battle of singing a discord, we might not change your voice but through our music lessons, the way you will project a sound you will here and feel the is cheaper to learn how to sing, it is affordable and that only applies if you are considering to start it with us. But wait a minute. Who said music is only about singing and making sounds with your mouth? Music is not only about that, certainly not. You can also pursue in learning an instrument. There is voluminous number of instruments that many people will enjoy playing and guess what one can learn music through playing a musical instrument. I guarantee you that by the time you finish your music lessons with music lessons Cape Town, one will sing or play an instrument as the pros does. Have fun with us, music is entertaining, pleasurable, enjoyable, refreshing, uplifting, energising, inspirational, educational and revitalising. Take our music lessons.